About Us

Misr Scope is a company working in the supply of specialized vehicles (ambulance, blood donation, blood transfusion, mobile clinics, special needs) and all specialized vehicles through a group of doctors & engineers who are competent, skilled and experienced in this field.

Misr Scope was established since 2012 in the 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt since that time the company is working to provide the most important and the best medical solutions in the vehicles adapting.

Misr Scope competes with several companies to provide the best medical solutions in vehicles conversions for hospitals, clinics, companies and special needs people and challenges facing the industry and how to overcome them and that reflect creativity and new innovations in the field of vehicles conversions.

Misr Scope is characterized by providing full technical support and outstanding service and full compliance in all areas of the company’s business in terms of design, implementation, procurement, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance and warranty all of which includes after-sales services.

who we are

Misrscope has been providing solutions for emergency medical services since 2012.

Our research and development has its roots in the vehicles adapting solutions and we do our best with passion to offer services to the delicate necessities of rescue respecting high standards of quality.

you deserve better” has always been the vision statement driving Misr Scope since 2012 in its growing and developing route, that is always ongoing. The ability in interpreting, understanding and supporting the client’s needs, and a total control on the logistic and productive aspects are our strengths.

Competitive prices, high reactivity and efficiency but also a strong flexibility are the key words and values which made MisrScope one of the leading Companies in the vehicles solutions.


Management team

Our team strongly focalizes on reaching a high level in the customer’s satisfaction, offering qualified solutions and using the knowledge of the market in order to adapt our services to all specific needs.
Dr. Waleed Abd EL-Aziz

Dr. Waleed Abd EL-Aziz

Sales Manager

Eng. Mohamed El-Safy

Eng. Mohamed El-Safy

Technical Manager