Ambulance vehicles

MisrScope is a leading ambulance manufacturer in Egypt, delivering finest solutions in customized Ambulances. We manufacture Hospital on Wheels, Mammography Vans, Blood Mobile Vans and the likes. Misr Scope is manufacturing the safest and most advanced care ambulances and emergency vehicles on the road. We are dedicated and devoted to delivering unparalleled medical services in the Ambulance while shifting patients from one place to another.

MisrScope manufactured a special edition of medical vans known as Hospital on Wheels. Even at present, there are some remote places in Egypt where Doctors and Hospitals are unavailable and doctors don not have a complete range of equipment for treatment.

Misr Scope is providing a complete mobile clinic with all the latest technology and equipment needed for the treatment of patients.

MisrScope’s product range of ambulances and mobile hospital come retrofitted with all the medical amenities to ensure critical medical support at the time of an emergency. With high customization component and gadgets, we build innovative ambulances that deliver on customer expectations and assist paramedics in saving lives.

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