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Misr Scope is a company working in the supply of libraries

Mobile libraries are an advantageous addition to libraries and a library’s services. It is something that, if feasible, should be implemented. Globally, there are libraries facing challenges like activating non-users of the library as well as extending the “reach” of the library in effort to allow the resources therein to be obtainable by everyone. These dilemmas have led to amazing initiatives such as bookmobiles and mobile libraries.

The benefits of these mobile libraries are that it increases the reach and visibility of the fixed library or library branches. Commonly, the fixed libraries will allow access to a significant percentage of the users in that area. But what about that small percentage not covered? These could be frequent users or advocates of library services that just do not have the opportunity or ability to the access of the library. This could be due to many reasons but commonly it could be due to location, as in isolated rural communities.

Mobile libraries bring resources outside of the library’s fixed location to users who otherwise may not get a chance to benefit from them. It also effectively extends the reach of the library’s safe learning and social development areas.

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